Historical Pictures of Monson
Lake Hebron Hotel

Lake Hebron Hotel
Built in 1883; burned in 1910
Owned by Monson Maine Slate Company

Main Street Monson
in 1920

Monson Narrow Guage
at Station

Monson Academy
late 1880s

Miners moving slate slabs.
Note the box below the workers
which transported them from the
top of the quarry by a hoist.

Lake Hebron Navigation Company
Steamboat at Indian Point

Monson Cornet Band
(formed in 1887)
on Memorial Day, 1896

Monson Narrow Guage Railroad
at Monson Station.
Operated from 1883 to 1945.

Portland-Monson Slate Quarry
early 1900s

Slate Quarry workers getting
ready to be lowered into the quarry
(earlyl 1900s).
Many workers immigrated from
Sweden and Finland.