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Kick Sled  & Snow Shoes

Bass Drum from the Monson Cornet Band

Monson Cornet Band Uniform

Monson Fire Apparatus
Manufactured July 1911

Traditional Finnish Dress

Monson Academy

Monson Wildlife
- loon -

          The Monson Museum, housed on the second floor of the Historical Society building, is a repository of artifacts that   represent the history and culture of Monson. The museum is organized to highlight the past industries of Monson, the veterans   of US Wars from the area - Civil War to current war in Afghanistan - Monson Academy memorabilia, our historic Cornet Band,   the wildlife and nature that grace our nature, and the general history of life here in Monson.

Military Veterans Throughout the Years

Monson Industries

Replica of Monson Narrow Gauge Railroad

Monson Slate

Life in Monson